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Disability Claims

No matter where you’re at in the disability process – we’re ready to help…

Having trouble deciding whether to file a disability claim? Here’s what we’ll do…

  1. We’ll meet with you. At our meeting we’ll review your medical records, test results, and supporting documentation and look at the strength of your case in the context of Social Security’s disability rules.
  2. We’ll advise you on whether its time to file and how to prepare. Topics discussed include your work history, income, medical insurance, treatment history, and other issues.
  3. If the decision is made to file a claim, we’ll:
  • Determining the best onset date – to maximize your back-pay
  • Determining which programs you may qualify for
  • Assist with scheduling your disability applications
  • Assist you with form completion

Our trained staff has been helping clients successfully complete disability forms for years

Filed a claim and been denied? Call the appeal experts…

  • We’ll file your appeal for you
  • We’ll advise you on what tests, medical opinions, and other documentation you’ll need to strengthen your claim

Are you waiting for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge? Here’s what we’ll do…

  • We’ll help request your medical records to complete your record
  • We’ll give you the appropriate medical opinion forms to take to your doctors
  • We’ll meet with you before your hearing to discuss what to expect in an administrative proceeding and how to prepare for specific types of questions from the judge and vocational expert
  • At your hearing we’ll be there to support you and use our experience and expertise to aggressively advocate on your behalf

Has your case been denied by an Administrative Law Judge? There’s help…

  • We’ll meet with you and review the decision and other information and help you determine whether to appeal or re-file
  • If you decide to appeal, we’ll write a comprehensive brief to help you either get the decision reversed or remanded for another hearing

Why choose Southeastern Disability?

  • We’ll work closely with you to help you get approved as early in the process as possible
  • Our staff has 20+ years of disability experience helping individuals just like you
  • We’ve helped hundreds of your friends and neighbors in South Georgia win their cases and get the benefits they deserve

The Bottom Line: We Win Cases…Let Us Help You Win Yours

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